Gunsense Voter Registration App
More than 2,000 Americans have died from guns since the deadly attack at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012. In order to supplement the advocacy work of Everytown for Gun Safety, Fission Strategy helped create Gun Sense Voter site, a project to mobilize Americans at the polls to elect representatives who will take action on gun control.  Fission designed a responsive Gun Sense Voter Pledge for all first time visitors, an opportunity to register to vote online, and resources for organizing in your own community.
The app begins with a simple question, "Are You Registered to Vote"? Depending on the users answer, the options below change. If the user selects "Not Yet", they are given the opportunity to begin the online registration process. If the user selects "Yes" then they are urged to share and spread the word about voter registration. If the user clicks "I'm not sure?" they are prompted with a state dropdown menu and directed to that states online registration portal. 
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