Responsive Website Design
Fission designed and developed a new responsive website and content workflow as part of Forecast the Fact's brand transformation into Their original web presence wasn't clear with the mission of the brand, had dated styling and layout, overloaded a user with too much information at once, and was difficult to know which primary and secondary actions a user should take upon landing. Fission started the redesign with a discovery phase, where we identified client goals as well as the flaws of the original website. Using this information, we then completed an information architecture phase where we planned the user flow and interaction with the site, as well as the general layout and features of each page for desktop and mobile. 
The new website tells the user their story and guides interaction more effectively. The homepage design begins with a modern slider with video background integration that the user navigates through via scrolling. The final slide that the user lands on offers them a chance to join ClimateTruth by signing up for emails. The website also features long term and quick response campaigns that are tied to Action Kit platform, as well as a victories timeline and flickr integration on the About page. Fission designed a new homepage, about page, campaigns list page template, and campaign landing page template for, and additional page templates were created out of these base designs. 
This website, along with our new branding supported their pivot from just exposing meteorologists that were known climate change deniers to exposing a broader range of deniers in influential positions, such as politicians, corporations, and celebrities. To learn more about our identity package that we created for, please see this case study
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