Identity Design
With Fission's expertise in brand identity design we completely transformed Forecast the Facts into Our work supported their pivot from just exposing meteorologists that were known climate change deniers to exposing a broader range of deniers in influential positions, such as politicians, corporations, and celebrities. Our identity package included a logo, website templates, style guide, and social media covers, giving the client everything they needed for a successful launch of their new brand.
About the Logo
The foundation of the logo, designed by Martha Ormiston, is the geometric rendition of the Enso symbol. It is made up of multiple lines in different shades of blue, which communicates working together for a common goal with overlapping interests. The lines give the illusion of forming a larger circle, representing wholeness and unity. The smaller red circle is reminiscent of a period at the end of a sentence. This symbol also abstractly represents the earth’s orbit and when viewed on a smaller scale, apart without the text inside, forms the shape of “C”
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